The Earth is being polluted faster than we can clean it up.  Everywhere you look some new war is starting up.  Crime is on the rise everywhere.  Unless something happens very soon Earth will not be some place where anyone would want to live even if the planet somehow can remain habitable into the next century.  Man has begun to look to the stars for answers.

With the successful voyage of the Galactic Enterprise to all the planets in our solar system it proved a long term journey to a nearby star system is possible.  Many groups and organizations have begun to think about making such a journey.  The Mayflower II is one of those dreams come to life.

With our own commercial rail gun and the aid of Russian heavy lift rockets construction on the Mayflower II is well underway.  We expect to be nearing completion sometime later this year and will be ready to launch the ship the following year.

We have already begun to book passage on the Mayflower II.  Space is limited and while the price is quite high ($18 million per module) we expect to sell out very quickly.  So don't delay make your reservations for you and your family today.

E-Mail Us To Make Your Reservation Today.

To complete the reservation process we must receive a non-refundable deposit of $100,000.00 within 7 days of making the reservation to hold your space onboard the Mayflower II.


We are the Galactic Enterprise (the business) and our mandate is to improve the human condition in the world.

We do that by promoting the art of our founder. Our goal is to build a full scale living work of art and use it as an example of sustainable living and office space for the United Earth for Peace Project, our other main endeavor. It is why we tell our stories to entertain you. It is why we have stores that go with our stories. It is why we can’t sit idly by and do nothing.

We thought this would be a more interesting way to ask for money to help support this website and some of our other websites and projects.

Artistically this website is a small part of never-ending story being endlessly constructed online. The Galactic Enterprise (the story) is where it all starts.

With your help it is our hope to break free of our electronic prison and expand this artistic and philanthropic endeavor into the real world.

A New Beginning On A  New World

Mayflower II


Donations to Galactic Enterprise or the United Earth for Peace project are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes at this time.

This website is for entertainment purposes only         Copyright 2012, R. B. Chandler

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